“take the day by its knackers
grip firmly and pull
until you get what you want from it! ”
Tommy was always doling out advice
but the day I sat in the Doctor’s office,
rain beating against the asphalt roof
his turn of phrase kind of stuck,
“take the day by its knackers boy!”
Tommy would say,
but when you get news like that
it’s like a shovel has been pressed
deep into your abdomen,
scooping up the innards
taking them high above your head
the days are bollockless now,
each one a little harder than last
I drink, I hate, I say sorry a lot,
sometimes I think about the end
immeasurable in distance,
give me a ruler, give me a gun,
or a towering accessible height,
anything other than numbers
percentages, weeks, months,
or dare I say years…
I’m ready to take the day now.