in a room filled 
with glitter and spotlights
reflected from a polished oak
a beauty queen
expresses her desire
for world peace
most of the eyes 
are fixed on her breasts
somewhere in the north 
of Helmand province 
a marine’s head
lies in the wilderness
smoke streams into cold
blue sky
and war moves like a mammal
herding in silence towards
an empty trough
I watch the news 
it spills out blueness
flickers against my face
into my eyes 
another name 
another star spangled
flag to drape
my stomach
& again
like a series of stone windmills 
in a low-lying country
placing the tiara 
atop a mound of blonde hair
set firm by a can-full of lacquer
the head judge 
smiles at the architecture
of Lola’s nipples
whispering softly
“I liked the originality
 of your speech the most”
in this tinderbox
it only takes a spark
and no amount of blood
or words
can extinguish the flame